At least once

At least once in their lifetime 30% of the people lose the voice

– Is conditioned by the breathing and by our emotions, but can also be affected by several diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux, respiratory tract infections, and tumors

The voice is our business card, and at the same time a warning light that tells a lot about us. About 30% of people at least once in the life encounter to hoarseness or aphonia, a problem comes to affect 60% of the teachers.

It is dedicated to the prevention, the world Day of the voice that is celebrated on the 16th of April, under the slogan “Be gentle with your voice”. Not only singers and actors but also to teachers and professors, fitness trainers, call center operators: the people who most often use the voice for work, sometimes they don’t consciously run the risk of compromising it.

. Among the major disorders which are encountered there is the dysphonia that can be qualitative (timbre becomes more hoarse) and quantitative (cala).

And it is not always that the problem is harmless.

“The dysphonia induced by the prolonged use of the voice frequencies and high volumes, it may be without injury-specific or organic when abuse assault has produced alterations of the vocal cords, such as nodules cordali”, explains Carlo Tognonato, the coordinator of the Speech therapy Department, Rehabilitation Specialist of the Group MultiMedica. There are alarm bells, especially if recurring, indicate the suffering of the organs fonatori: declines of the item, alterations to the stamp, strain in the conversation at the end of the day, laryngitis and pharyngitis are frequent. But there are also rules of vocal hygiene. Such as, for example, avoid smoke and dust, and keep under control the acid reflux, reduce the noise pollution in the environment, maintain an adequate level of humidity in the air, and drink often.

Key issue is then to give proper rest to the vocal cords if you feel tired, with pauses of silence, breathing more slowly, slowing the volume and pace of speech. Finally, even the posture can help to allow the voice to flow better, the neck should be in line with the back or slightly tilted forward. To raise awareness for the prevention of the variety of different initiatives all over the world, and the Italian hospitals organize medical visits free of charge. . (ANSA). . .

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