In force since

In force since 16 April, the electronic prescription veterinary

It becomes compulsory from 16 April, in Italy, the recipe veterinary medicine electronic

It is the health minister Giulia Grillo. “We are the first Country to adopt in Europe this system is innovative in the field of animal health” and that represents “a fundamental step in the strategy to combat antibiotic resistance”. It is, said the minister, “a piece very important in the process of digital innovation that relates to the Italian health system” and of a piece “with regard to specifically in animal health, but has obvious repercussions on human health”. It will be in fact “guarantee for all, because we will tell you promptly the consumption of drugs in the farms and we will have accurate data with respect to consumption of antibiotics”.

Antibiotic resistance is, in fact, “one of the next challenges for public health.

As he says in the World Health Organization: if we do not intervene in time, in 2050, we will have almost 2.5 million deaths”. . .

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