"Multiple sclerosis and

“Multiple sclerosis and high heels”: the valuable advice of a doctor-patient

This is the kind of book that you highlight so many passages that it ends up looking like a Christmas tree

Of the rest, the author guides us through a disease that is similar to a real mountain landscape. Grandiose and threatening, made trails, peaceful and barriers that are often unpredictable and scary (the episode of hemiplegia), but also moments of wonderful where one is flabbergasted by the beauty and fragility of life. Moments sublime and precious, often shared with friends or family, which she collects avidly.

By this standard, chapters 5 (“My little survival guide to psy”) and 6 (“Lessons of life: positive”) alone are worth a book.

Dr Charlotte Tourmente has woven a strong rope to guide patients through this auto-immune disease, multiple sclerosis, the acronym only slightly less scathing, SEP. A valuable aid as is ski touring and the handrail (rope connecting rods) laid down by the more experienced to help others.

The fruit, acid and sweet as an orange, an experience of twenty-two years that she shares with humor and sincerity. Without hiding anything. You’ll meet many health care professionals best, and some who seem to have forgotten the origin of the word heal. Nevermind! Charlotte is like that, emboîtons-him the not, because it is our guide. Tell the worst to warn the others, and then go to the best.

First Editions it is hoped that his book will inspire not only people with MS to help them to continue to enjoy the pleasures of life even in the passes difficult! Because the hands of the common asked questions by Charlotte will be useful for family members, health professionals who are interested in the SEP, but also all those who are affected, directly or indirectly, by the disease.

“I adopted, soon after the diagnosis (while she is in the 3rd year of medicine, editor’s NOTE), the motto of Confucius: prepare for the worst, hope for the best and take what comes,” she wrote.

Learn to live with the exhaustion, the pain and the frustrationsCertes, his training as a doctor taught him to “know the enemy”, which gives us chapters of extension without equivalent on the symptoms of the disease, the support available and the adjustments to daily life. But it was his years of practice of yoga, buddhism, philosophy, positive, and mindfulness meditation that have brought the “on the path of acceptance, and not rejection .

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