Bedfont receives FDA clearance for ToxCO breath analysis monitor

The ToxCO® is a breath analysis monitor that measures exhaled carbon monoxide (CO) to give healthcare personnel an idea of CO levels in the blood, allowing them to triage cases of CO poisoning.

Unlike traditional methods, breath analysis with the ToxCO® is non-invasive with instant results, saving time in critical situations. Breath samples can be taken via a low-cost mouthpiece allowing for point-of-care CO checking for mass casualties, aiding the decision of whether or not a patient needs to be treated at hospital. For patients who are unconscious or injured, a facemask option offers a modified sampling technique to indicate for CO poisoning. The monitor also automatically samples ambient air from switch-on, acting as an alarm when CO levels in the environment reach harmful levels.

Jason Smith, Managing Director at Bedfont® comments:

Not only can our breath analysis monitor help to evaluate patients quickly and effectively for CO poisoning, but it can also reduce emergency department visits and hospitalizations. We are thrilled with the FDA approval of the ToxCO®; we believe it will be game-changer for healthcare personnel in America.”

Bedfont® already has an exclusive USA distributor for the ToxCO® monitor, CoVita. Its President, Jason Aversano, expressed his excitement about the 510(K), stating “the ToxCO® will be a useful tool for healthcare professionals such as paramedics in Firefighter Rehab. We believe it will fundamentally change how people are assessed for CO poisoning in the United States.”


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