Twenty minutes a

Twenty minutes a day immersed in nature is a pill anti-stress

In the case of stress, the ‘pill’ the right consists of at least 20 minutes per day in contact with nature in an urban park, or wherever you decide to stay in the green

According to the study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology have a similar experience is enough to reduce your main stress hormone, cortisol. “We knew that spending time immersed in nature and has the effects of anti-sterss, but so far was not known in what doses and in what manner to ‘assume’ the contact with nature,” said MaryCarol Hunter, University of Michigan, who led the work.

“Our study shows that the main outcomes are achieved by spending 20 to 30 minutes sitting or walking in any place that send us the sense of closeness to nature. “The research was conducted on a group of volunteers for eight weeks they had to spend time in natural places, such as a park, but without doing sports, talking with friends, or engage in other activities that may in itself have an influence on stress. To the volunteers has been measured several times the concentration of cortisol in saliva. It has emerged that the hormone decreases starting from 20 minutes spent in contact with nature.

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