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From extract of the leaves agave a hope against osteosarcoma

The extract of the leaves of the agave has an anticancer effect and in osteosarcoma cells has been shown how the Agave to inhibit the viability and migration by inducing cell death

This was shown in a study conducted by researchers from the National Cancer Institute Regina Elena of Rome, recently published in the scientific journal, Cancer Letters, on the anticancer effects of the extract of leaves of Agave in the cells affected by osteosarcoma.

The research was carried out on osteosarcoma cells human in vitro. The results, say the researchers, “suggest the possibility of using the Agave in the treatment of osteosarcoma in association with the principals of chemo-and radiotherapy-conventional, and potentially also in patients who have developed relapse of the disease”. The study is funded by the Association of Aurora Tomaselli and the results will be presented in occasion of the Conference ‘Agave: Glimpses of Light’ which will be held on 27 march in the Hall of the Protomoteca of the Capitol.

Osteosarcoma is the most aggressive type of solid tumor in the primary that develops in the bones, representing the 20% of the malignant tumors of the bone and is a rare tumor (contract 3 people in 1 million per year). The Association Aurora Tomaselli Research and Prevention, established in 2010 following the untimely death of the little Aurora Tomaselli for complications related to an osteosarcoma, is responsible research and the prevention of cancer, with particular reference to the osteosarcoma. .

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