Only half of

Only half of the Italian performs the mammography, the women of lombardy to the most careful

Still too few Italian adhere to screening programs for cancer of the breast

Only 56% of women has in fact performed to date, the mammography, with the Lombardy is a Region that is virtuous and has one of the rates of adhesion between the highest (67% adherence).

Nevertheless, still one out of three women do not submit to screening.

The highlight of the specialists at the conference ‘the Breast Journal Club. The importance of cancer Research’, and for two days gathered at Cremona over 300 experts and oncologists. A phenomenon that worries from the time that the neoplasm each year still results in the whole Peninsula, over 12 thousand deaths.

And there are significant regional differences.

In the south, where the adherence to screening is lower than in the North, the survival rate was slightly lower in the Southern Regions stands at 85%, while in those of the North to 88%. From here the call of oncologists so that all Italian, between the ages of 50 and 69 years, to submit once every two years, to the free test organized by the local Health authorities.

Breast cancer is “a disease that we can defeat in more than 80% of the cases – says Daniele-General, director of the Mammary Pathology and Translational Research of the ASST-Cremona -. It is a positive fact, but you cannot underestimate a cancer so widespread. ” For this, at the conference, several sessions are dedicated to the treatments.

“New therapies have improved survival and have toxicity more contained, ” explains Sabino De Placido, director of Medical Oncology of the Federico II University of Naples -.

. This is the case for the triple negative breast carcinoma metastatic, particularly difficult to treat. A new drug that uses nanotechnology, Nab paclitaxel, for example, has been shown to be effective and increase overall survival”. On the organizational front, however, much remains to be done: for example, detects Pier Franco Conte, director of the Oncological Network of the Veneto, “the Networks of Oncological Regional authorities must be as soon as you activate on the whole territory: at present, only 7 Regions will have these facilities that have demonstrated the undoubted advantages in ensuring patients the best treatment available”. . .

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