Menarini pushes on

Menarini pushes on China but also looks to the Usa

(ANSA) – ROMA, 15 MAR – “it’s a winning team and the challenge is to continue to make her win, bringing it to new heights in a market that changes and becomes more and more demanding”

Eric Cornut, President of Menarini for almost a year, he says thus, in its first public release, describing the new strategy of the Group for the coming years.

In the future of the company, in fact, there will be more and more’ China but also the Usa. “It’s a sort of a triptych,” said Cornut, who remembered the central carriage of the business of the Group, the district-general of the Asia-Pacific and expansion into China. “And in this framework, he added, – you can’t not look to the United States”.

No pace, hurried, – provide – you can imagine-storey ‘stand alone’ – they say the summits”, but also acquisitions if there are opportunities.

The company is meanwhile preparing to be ready to take advantage of them”. And Menarini will continue to look with commitment to China: “Governments change, opinions change – said Lucia Aleotti, who asked for a comment on the controversy related to the so-called Silk road – we are in China we went, and there we are all alone”.

In the meantime, the Group has had to face up to the expiry of some patents of drugs important other will begin to expire in 2019), currency fluctuations (in particular from Turkey and Russia) and a black out of the internet platforms in China (on which the pass also most of the sales of medicines) for an update of the scheme with regulatory guidelines, with a total weight of about 200 million euro of turnover of the company (increased 1.2%). In the decline in the Ebitda passed from 530 million in 2017 to 400 last year, but with growth markets such as China ( 40%), Thailand ( 26%) and Central America, where the Group ranks first or second place. .(ANSA). . .

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