Giulia Grillo, the

Giulia Grillo, the doctors review the relationship with the citizens

The doctors review their relationship with the citizens

I I invited them to rethink this relationship because I continue to have negative accounts on the part of the people”.

He said the minister of Health, Giulia Grillo, speaking this morning at the Rai television programme Agora. Responding to a question of the presenter Serena Bortone if, therefore, “the report was particularly critical in this period between patients and doctors is the fault of the doctors,” the minister responded: “I don’t know.

But of this subject I have spoken several times with Filippo Anelli, president of the Federation of the orders of doctors and surgeons (Fnomceo)”. On vaccines Giulia Grillo explained: “We are changing the law.

With vaccination coverage high, we have the obligation when necessary”. Answering then on the shortage of doctors and their contract is not renewed for ten years, the minister said: “The contract may renew the financial coverage there is. Without medical personnel, the public dies”. .(ANSA). . .

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