Fedriga in the

Fedriga in the hospital for chicken pox, “I’m not no vax, but no to the impositions,”

“I’m reading a series of comments on Twitter of phenomena people because I was admitted to stating that I would be a Novax

This sect invaded the following Burioni have not even read my interviews where I say that I am in favour of vaccines and to reach the result required by a covenant with families, not imposition”. Writes on Facebook the president of the friuli venezia giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga, after being the target of a series of comments – some of which even offensive – on the social about the news of his admission to the hospital to have contracted the chicken pox.

“They even said that I should have taken the chicken pox from my children, – he continued – not knowing even that my children are vaccinated, as I’ve stated in several interviews”. The position against the decree Lorenzin. In the past, Fedriga has never been tender in respect of the decree of the former minister of Health.

“I’ve always had a conception of the liberal State in which we are not imposed with coercion to the citizens but will you share with them a path that is crucial.

This is explained by the fact that the decree Lorenzin children up to 6 years of age could not access the training, from six years and then they could do so, creating a differentiation, without sense, besides not solving the problem of the children are immunosuppressed, who were protected up to 6 years and then no more – he argued last summer, I Believe, that or you create this alliance with the family, you share and you make a choice together, otherwise the problem cannot be faced seriously, but is simply propaganda. “The announcement by Burioni. “If you are not sure of having had chickenpox as children, I advise you to get vaccinated. Not to protect the other, but because – I guarantee you – chickenpox is a very contagious condition and take it from adults is really something very, very, very unpleasant”. And is the appeal that the virologist Roberto Burioni spear through the site Medical Facts – addressing “this time” directly to adults – taking a cue from the case of the president of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Massimiliano Fedriga “in the hospital because of chicken pox”.

The news that the governor of Fvg was in therapy for having contracted the chicken pox was already circulated in the past few days.

Today the intervention of Burioni, according to which this news “once again the issue of vaccinations in adulthood, most important, to avoid unpleasant complications and at times nearly indispensable for women who want to start a pregnancy”.

In the event of contagion from the chicken pox, he adds, “in the best of cases, the past fifteen days grattarvi like crazy, in the worst case can happen a lot of troubles, that I won’t list, but which you can avoid with a simple, safe, and effective vaccination.

If, then, in addition to being adults are women of childbearing age, remember that getting chicken pox while expecting a baby is not a trouble: it is a tragedy.

” “Then – he concluded – see you.

In hospitals there is never a shortage patients admitted to hospital, because you are not vaccinated and who are suffering the pains of hell because of a chicken pox: you can see if you want to be one of these.”.

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