Bones, kidneys and

Bones, kidneys and eyes, asthmatic 243mln damages caused by the cortisone

Hypertension, fractures, diabetes, kidney problems, and in the eyes: the side-effects of the abuse of cortisone can damage the health of italians who suffer from asthma and are reflected in the health expenditure

To cure them you spend, in fact, more than 243 million euros a year, well more than you would spend for therapy much less harmful. And’ what emerges from the results of the first Italian study on the clinical impact and economic of cortisone oral in severe asthma published in the World Allergy Organization Journal. Four million italians suffer from asthma and a total of 200,000 in a severe degree.

Of these, according to the register HEALTHY (Severe Asthma Network Italy), 124.000 are treated with corticosteroids orally, often for more than 6 months. But with heavy consequences for the health. In these patients, the abuse of ‘pills’ increases by 5 times the risk of fractures and doubles diabetes. For example, explains Giorgio Walter Canonica, past-president of the Italian Society of Allergology, Asthma and Clinical Immunology (Siaaic), “osteoporosis affects 16% of these patients compared with 3% of the general population.

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