Vaccines flu,aim to

Vaccines flu,aim to improve the programming of the Regions

Many Regions are already a three-year planning also in the process of supply of the influenza vaccine, give already a designation of needs, other have times that are not coordinated with those that represent the production cycle of the vaccine, which every year has a window of detection of the strains on the basis of the circular, Who, in the beginning of the production and collection of the needs

This process can improve, even considering the fact that last year there was a shortage at the national level, which has led to the need for supplies through other european nations. To explain Claudio D’amario, director general of the Directorate of health prevention, Ministry of Health, the first edition of the Flu Summit – Allies against the influence promoted by Sanofi Pasteur, division of vaccines of Sanofi.. “The ministry has a direct responsibility in the service, because it is in-chief to the Regions, but our role is to coordinate, stimulate to increased literacy, greater cultural growth of the citizens through health care professionals, especially through primary care, fundamental in the process of prevention and active immunization”. “It is very important – continues – to involve health care workers, who often are affected, especially in departments with a high intensity of care, for the danger of the transmission, and also in residential care for the elderly. The third objective is to involve more and more the pregnant woman”. “Teamwork is important.

The key action that the programming has to do is put all the stakeholders around a table – explains Filippo Ansaldi, associate professor in the Department of Health Sciences of the University of Genoa, which also highlights the central role of general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice up to the different professionals of the supply chain within the premises of hospitals, from the Emergency room at health Directions, up to the units in which normally belong to the patients. Last but not least, especially in this moment, the awareness of the specialists.

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