Influence public health

Influence public health problem, need an alliance

Never underestimate it. The influence is to record globally, according to the estimates, approximately one billion cases annually, of which 3-5 million severe, with 290


.000 deaths related to respiratory causes. Only in our Country this year have been affected at the moment, about seven million people. According to an Italian study of 2018, the expenditure, when added to the to syndromes like flu, it weighs in Italy on families and on the State for 10. .7 billion euros, almost as much as an economic maneuver. There is a weapon of prevention, the vaccine, yet little used, although the data are in recovery: only 1 ultra 65-year-old on 2, and only 1 patient chronic on 5 choose to do so. . All this makes the influence a relevant problem of public health, for which it serves as an alliance between all the actors of the system, as is the case in Countries such as Great Britain, Australia, and Canada, where they are today, the highest rates of vaccination coverage.

If there has been the first edition of the Flu Summit – Allies against the influence promoted by Sanofi Pasteur, division of vaccines of Sanofi.

“At the beginning of the 2000’s the covers were pretty low, after there had been a rise in both it is true that about 60 percent of the elderly now you vaccinava, after that because of some of the incidents highlighted in the mass media which, however, did not bring any risk to the health, there has been a distrust in the vaccine for which childhood vaccination coverage have collapsed, ” explains Giovanni Rezza, director of the Department of infectious diseases of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità – now there is a small recovery, now two to three years, but just an elder on the two cow’s milk and things go even worse with regard to the younger people who are at risk of complications, the chronically ill, as only one person out of five cow’s milk.

It is even worse for pregnant women vaccination is recommended of the second quarter, the vaccination coverage is very low. You need to find and then, through campaigns of information and raising the awareness of family doctors, the way to create trust, confidence in the vaccine”. “The influence – adds Claudio D’amario, director general of the Directorate of health prevention of the Ministry of Health – and is a very serious problem of public health.

Because it impacts a lot, both from the point of view of the health, social and economic. The estimated figures are from 4 to 12% of the Italian population that every year is sick. The worrying thing is that much of this population is in a situation of chronic illness and fragility. The objective of the national Plan of Prevention and to guarantee a minimum coverage to those over 65 and vulnerable groups, which should go theoretically from 75 to 95%”. “It is true – it still does D’amario – that in some regions, these objectives have been achieved but the average annual coverage was reduced after in 2009 -2010 to reach a peak of unsatisfactory and even alarming in 2014. At this time the information tell us that there is a recovery important, but we need even more to strive to ensure that the fragility, the chronic nature”. . .

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