The 5 treatments

The 5 treatments of aesthetic medicine safer

There are millions of the treatments of aesthetic medicine to which you submit each year the italians

But the aesthetic medicine – less invasive than cosmetic surgery and a strong growth in the 15 years in our country – is it really safe? And what are the methods to which you can entrust with a benefit-cost ratio benefit the patient? To respond and’ professor Francis Madonna Terracina, a teacher at the International School of aesthetic Medicine of the Foundation “Fatebenefratelli” of Rome, and the plastic surgeon.

“The answers to these questions are in truth varied and depend on a number of considerations which are clearly subjective in nature,” explains the expert. The aesthetic medicine,as is well known, unlike aesthetic surgery, includes procedures for low-invasive’, but each of the technique as reliable, can have side effects and this is to avoid running unnecessary risks, the suggestion is to rely on professionals of undoubted preparation and verified experience. In regard to the techniques to be preferred, the choice is obviously complex, but it is certainly proper to make a distinction: there are techniques which you know all or almost because used for years and appreciated by practitioners and patients since it can provide results in real, tangible at a reasonable cost and with a degree of safety which is unquestionably very high. Others, however, are most often the result of operations, say marketing, not infrequently of dubious effectiveness, and with a level of security still everything to prove. So here’s a list of top 5 treatments you can trust on the basis of the scientific data: 1) botulinum Toxin: in spite of some unfounded slander remains the technique of aesthetic medicine most commonly used for the treatment of expression wrinkles of the forehead and the region around the eyes. According to recent data AICPE would be over 220000 in a year, the procedures carried out only in Italy and in experienced hands the side effects are really negligible. The procedure lasts a few minutes,the benefits have a duration of about 4-6 months and full reversibility is already a guarantee of safety.

2) Filler based on hyaluronic acid: also in this case we refer to a technique which is practiced with success for almost 3 decades with over 280000 procedures the year in Italy. Very used to fill facial wrinkles, to give firmness to the lips and the cheekbones, or even to revitalize and biostimolare the tissues with results that are pleasing and natural. The product is fully bio-compatible and completely absorbable with times varying between 4 and 8 months. 3) non-surgical Facelift with ultrasound-guided by ultrasonography: a new innovation in aesthetic medicine with the support of the approval of the Food and drugs administration.

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