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“To me, the vaccine”, in the Usa the challenge for parents no-vax

“I am a minor, his parents no vax, but I want to get a vaccination, what can I do?”

Are coming as well, a few at a time, posted on the web, the messages of some american teenagers in search of help: the boys are worried, don’t want to take measles, mumps or chicken pox. They have done their research on the Internet, believe the science on vaccines, but they have never been immunized against the disease esantematiche.

The parents have decided for them. Are no vax. It started as the story Ethan Lindenberger: just turned 18 years old at the end of November, this boy of Norwalk, Ohio, has launched his request for help on ‘Reddit’ – the site that aggregates news with social. “My parents are a little stupid, do not believe in vaccines, they consider them to be a pattern of government – has written – so I was never vaccinated, and only God knows how I’m still alive. I have had many discussions on the topic but there is nothing to do. . Now I have 18 years and I would like to know if there is still time for me to immunize. If cost much, and where to go. .” From the State of Washington – where he is growing a measles outbreak – a teenager wrote: “My mom leaves to vaccinate me and my siblings, but I think it is a right and also a responsibility for the public health. Certainly not a right that you can deny their children. ” For Ethan, in Ohio, is already a happy ending: a rain of 1,000 responses to his post has led to the department of Health of Ohio, where a month ago the young man has received his first round of vaccines: tetanus, flu, Hpv, and hepatitis B. . For years, he told the boy, “my mom Jill Wheeler explained to me that vaccines are bad and I believed that none of them do.

.”But with the return of measles and other diseases, Lindenberg has started talking with fellow d-school: “I found that they were all vaccinated. ” She has researched the website of the Centers for disease control and prevention of diseases (Cdc) and is convinced of the need to get vaccinated: “But when I told my mother, she replied only: ‘it is just what They want you to believe. . I resent that'”. Now Ethan is worried for his little brothers and sisters more young people, left without cover. Another post on the theme of vaccines is making to discuss in the united States: this time it is another child, age 15, of Minnesota, who has asked for help on the Web, you face a campaign against the State law that allows the objection is philosophical to vaccines.

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