The Pomegranate is

The Pomegranate is the symbol of childhood cancer, each year, 2,200 of diagnosis

Durable, healthy, and synonymous with life energy and it will be the pomegranate, this year the symbol of the fight against childhood cancer, that every year in Italy, affecting about 1,400 children and 800 teenagers

While the point about care and the future of these young patients will be the general states of the pediatric oncology department, which will be held in Genoa, italy. These initiatives provided on the occasion of the World Day against Childhood Cancer, sponsored by the World Health Organization (who) and is celebrated every year on the 15th of February. Organized by the Italian Federation of Associations of Parents of Pediatric Oncology (Fiagop) and the Associazione Italiana Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica (Aieop), the conference “United for a cure” will be hosted on the 16th of February at the Aquarium of Genoa.

The most important names in pediatric oncology will be the point on the new frontiers of treatments for cancer and the obstacles that make it still complicated for the children, the access to innovative therapies.

Among the topics on the agenda also infections from germ-resistant, a major problem for immunocompromised individuals such as cancer patients.

A special space will be dedicated to those who the cancer has passed, with the First National Conference of the healed pediatric cancer. Thanks to the progress made over the last few decades, approximately 80% of children and young people, heals.

Another innovation concerns the symbolic gesture with which Fiagop every year brings to attention this delicate theme: the usual launch of balloons in the air will be replaced by a gesture more eco-friendly. Friday, February 15, at hospitals, houses of hospitality and green spaces of any city in italy will be planted hundreds of plants of pomegranate. Who will be present at the initiatives will receive a temporary tattoo of great significance: the Ribbon of the gold, the universal symbol of the fight against childhood cancer, with which to take a selfie to share with the hashtag #DiamoRadiciAllaSperanza. .

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