Pavia, stop on

Pavia, stop on the State examination of the Biologists against the president no vax

At the university of Pavia stop the state examination for biologists to protest against the positions expressed on vaccines from the National Order, of which the chairman has decided to fund the analysis of the association no vax Corvelva

The decision was taken by the department of biology of the University with a decision that involves the abstention of the professors of the university from the State exam of the University of Pavia. The news was given by Udu, the national union of students, and is also confirmed by the press office of the university. “After the funding of the National Order of Biologists in the association of the veneto Corvelva, the objective of which is to demonstrate that vaccines are not safe, the faculty of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, Pavia resolved to no longer be available to form the commissions of the state exam for the qualification to practice the profession of biologist, writes the Udu Pavia -until the direction of the Order manterràle current positions on the alleged dangers of vaccines, repeatedly debunked by the scientific community”. Agree with the protest, Carlo Alberto Redi, dean of the department of Biology and one of the most important geneticists in italy. “It’s a form of protest that I fully support, he says, the National is making choices that do not sound scientific. Is it right to boycott the exams, I hope that the example will be followed by the scientific community”. .

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