Come for the

Come for the cartoons to explain the fight to cancer

The oncology and cancer research are still for the most part of the citizens of an unknown universe: what are cancer cells? How do they develop? How do you study them to try to fight them and overcome them? To make it understandable to all as they develop cancers and how you can deal with them, the Istituto Oncologico Veneto-Irccs, he developed the project of scientific divulgation “oncology explained – The research vignettes” in six chapters, based on cartoons and illustrations readily understandable

“The word cancer is still a lot of fear,” said Giuseppe Opocher (Scientific Director of the Iov-Irccs), which has proposed the project presented at a press conference.

“However – explains – the concept that the majority of society has of the disease often corresponds to information that has already been overcome and does not represent the reality.

Scientific research, in fact, continues to take important steps forward”.

With this project, in short, the Oncological Institute of Veneto intends to explain with simplicity the mechanisms that regulate the functioning of the human body, and then the eventual formation of a tumor, the goals reached by the researchers, the findings are now well established, and new guidelines”. Developed in about twelve months by Giuseppe Opocher, took part in the project, the scientific advisor Sofia de Red, the scientific journalist Elisabetta Mutto Agreements and the illustrator Marco Gavagnin. The project Oncology Explained the Iov was born to be broadcast online on the website and on social channels of the Iov and the partners that have joined the initiative. .

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