"Antivax", a book

“Antivax”, a book that traces the history of resistance to vaccination

Vendémiaire history, it is said, is an eternal recommencement

The maxim applies well to the opponents of vaccination, according to the test, signed by Françoise Salvadori and Laurent-Henri Vignaud.

One of them is a virologist and immunologist, and the second a historian. They mixed up their feathers for the time of a dive in the “Antivax”, born even before the beginning itself of this medical revolution. Two points are striking to the reader: the science has been fine leap of giants, the arguments brandis against the variolation in the Eighteenth century are not significantly different from those advanced by the opponents of today.

In addition, and whatever the times, the sources of the antivaccinalisme are at the bottom not so much medical and scientific, political and moral. ” READ ALSO – “immunization has always known of crises,” The origins of the contestationLorsque the technique of variolation was brought from the ottoman Empire by lady Montagu in the first half of the Eighteenth century, it was quickly criticized. Not simply come from countries of the barbarians it is a medicine of women, of the worldly who claim access to knowledge .

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