The web undermines

The web undermines our way of being, there is a growing narcissism

(ANSA) – The reality in which we live, in which the virtual often ‘overlooks’ the real crisis is developing in our “Self”, which contains according to the psychoanalysis, present, past and future, and tells who closely we. Being online constantly is connected also to an increase of some diseases that fall,at a different level, in the context of narcissism: we tend to focus on ourselves, without to express interest for what surrounds us

. Also conditions, such as dependence on the web fall within the scope of narcissism, in which they express a sense of fragility and weakness vis-à-vis the interaction with the outside world.

It was discussed at the conference ‘Exploring the Self’ in Rome and brings together psychoanalysts and experts in neuroscience. “Where the If is less structured, the danger is greater – highlights Claudia Spadazzi, psychoanalyst of the Italian psychoanalytic Society – there are studies that have related the diseases narcistiche to the use of the selfie, which they put in report people brought to make many or the type of use of social pathologies, narcissistic, a way to communicate exist, look at me, to get a like, but a total indifference to the outside world”.

The issue concerns, in particular, adolescents and young adults, while, for example, the tendency of older people to focus on themselves is related to loneliness and fragility. “The quality of personal relationships is a good thermometer to see if something is wrong,” he continues Spadazzi. At the conference, with the participation of international experts, professor Georg Northoff of the University of Ottawa presents the results of studies on narcissism. “Have a big Ego,” explains Northoff – we found that do not react properly to external stimuli, in a particular area of the brain that is very important to integrate external information and internal. In the spontaneous activity continues in the brain, are also very slow.

When you are too slow it is difficult to follow.

You’re frustrated, and then as a reaction the compensatory grow your Ego. .”.

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