Dies in hospital

Dies in hospital in Naples after a wait of 6 hours

Investigations were launched by Police in Naples in relation to the death of E. E

., 72 years, took place yesterday at 21 in the Emergency department of the San Paolo hospital and for which the family members have lodged a complaint stating that the man was in the hospital from 14.

.30 (code yellow) for abdominal pain. According rebuilt by the Police on the basis of the complaint, the man was brought up in the same hospital three days ago with the same symptoms and had been discharged after some tests.

The pm has ordered the seizure of the medical records and the autopsy. Tomorrow will start an internal investigation in the hospital neapolitan Saint Paul to ascertain what it is that took place in a, explain the sources of the hospital.

The same sources confirm that three days ago the man was taken to the hospital, but it had been indicated that the need of hospitalization, and had refused. Yesterday, then, say the sources of the hospital, had arrived in code red and had highlighted the need for urgent surgery. “Ask for nothing, only justice.

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