What will help you against Reflux

Typically, at Reflux, heartburn, and acid are Belching. How you can get these unpleasant complaints in the handle, you can find here.

What will help you against Reflux -67First of all, it is all to avoid what causes gastric juice in the esophagus rises. This is in the case of each of the Affected differently, but there are the usual Suspects: carbonated soft drinks, wine and liquor as well as Smoking. Try, whether a waiver will improve your symptoms. Too many pounds on the Ribs are also a common cause. Anyone who is overweight should slim down – this not only helps against acid Reflux symptoms. All of these measures bring no success, can over-the-counter medicines from the pharmacies.

Acid inhibit

To treat the symptoms, you can acid inhibit what caused it: namely, the stomach. Their production is blockers by the ingestion of the stomach acid, medically, proton pump inhibitors (PPI), throttled. In this way, the reflux of stomach acid can be prevented in the esophagus. Of course, the acid in the stomach is not completely stopped, finally, we need enough for our digestion.

Acid blockers are taken before eating

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