Goodbye to Borloni,

Goodbye to Borloni, the father of oncology hadrontherapy in Italy

(ANSA) – AND’ died this morning Erminio Borloni, 82 years old, president emeritus of the Foundation Cnao, the National Centre of Oncology Hadrontherapy) of Pavia, the only Italian property and one of six in the world that can treat tumors with beams of protons and carbon ions

Erminio Borloni, he was the president of the CNAO Foundation since its establishment in 2001, after that in 2000, the then Health minister, Umberto Veronesi, authorized the financing for the construction of the national Centre, and then becoming president emeritus in 2018, after the appointment of the new president, Gianluca Vago. “The president, The board, the director-general and all the staff of the Cnao Foundation – law into a message of Vague – wish to express their deep sorrow for the death of the” president emeritus, “thankful and grateful to the visionary spirit, the sense of ethics and of the extraordinary commitment that 17 years have allowed the creation and the launch of the National Centre of Oncology Hadrontherapy”. “He brought to completion an undertaking is very complex, through a long process not without obstacles,” he added, Fernando Ferroni, president of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

“The Infn – he underlined – is proud to have participated and have made possible, together with the Cern, this great project, working alongside Erminio”.(ANSA). . .

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