Earlier entrance to

Earlier entrance to 4.150 family doctors in 3 years

In the next three years will be available 4.150 family doctors to meet shortages arising from retirements

And’ the effect of the regulation of the dl Simplifications, approved in a definitive way, that also allows you to graduates in Medicine who have not completed the training course in general Medicine, to receive the position till 31/12/2021. From the start, according to an estimate by the ministry of Health to the LOOP, are available 982 doctors attending the last year of the three-year period 2016-19. According to the estimate prepared, then, the doctors in training that will be immediately available to acquire the office of physician of the family are 982, or those who are currently attending the third and final year of training in general Medicine relative to the three-year period 2016-2019. In the following years, the number of doctors in training who will be able to join in activities such as family doctors (excluding dropouts) will increase: it will be 1. .075 for the period 2017-20 (attending the second and third year) and 2. .093 for the three-year period 2018-21 (the first, second and third year), for a total of exactly 4. .150 doctors until 2021. The estimate has been prepared on the basis of the number of medical fellows for the training course in general Medicine.

The regulation, therefore, allows also to doctors still in training to enter in the rankings regional for the position of family doctor, save the above, which remains ensured to those who are already in the list. – Cricket, the incoming new doctors of the basis for the deficiencies”in the face of the serious problem of the shortage of family doctors, we give the possibility, even to one who has not yet completed the course of training, you can receive in that role until December 31, 2021″. This was announced by the Health minister Giulia Grillo, pointing out that “to claim the importance of this rule included in the decree Simplifications approved yesterday and that will “give oxygen to the general medicine”.

This, it detects the Shackle in a note, “will allow to expand the supply of family doctors and provide new life to the system. And it is only one of the steps that relate to the post-graduation of the doctors that I intend to reform deeply – she says – to ensure the future health of our Country. It is one of my goals unbreakable”.

In the decree Simplifications is also provided a standard that extends the validity of the list of candidates for the bidding procedures for the recruitment of medical staff, technical-professional and nursing banned by the companies and the institutions of the national health Service, until 31 December 2019. This Dl, stressed the minister, “it certainly could not contain all the rules that apply to the Movement and I as the minister would have liked to. . But I’m fully committed to carry forward our great battles for the public’s health”. The next challenge “to win – said Grillo – is the overcoming of the roof of 1. .4% for the staff for the release of the recruitments in health, even at the cost of a confrontation with a part of the Accounting of the State, as well as his work, but I believe that it is totally anachronistic.

We can not abbarbicare to rules that have been just in a completely different time”. On the contrary, he concluded, “you have to look at the reality. The national health Service is in need of new assumptions”.

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