"I was spun

“I was spun chlamydia?”, a podcast without taboo on an STI is poorly known

It can sometimes take months, or even years, before discovering that one is suffering from a sexually transmitted infection (STI)

This is not the case of Anouk Perry, a journalist of 25 years, who has been lucky in his misfortune. In January 2017, she receives a message from David, “old love’s holiday”. “I have a bad news to share you,” it warns. “I got tested and I am positive to chlamydia. It is necessary that you do track down”. The test of the young woman turns out to be positive. And if it was she who had transmitted the bacterium to David, and not the other way around?Anouk Perry decides to launch an investigation to find out who really has “spun” the chlamydia.

It book without complex his story in a podcast in five episodes produced by repeated Listenings. The tone is funny, light. The story is fast-paced, to keep in suspense the listener. And nothing to spoil, “Which to me has spun the Chlamydia?” gives valuable information on chlamydia, thanks to the timely interventions and well-documented a female gynecologist, Dr. Laura Carton.

“I wanted this podcast raises awareness about chlamydia,” explains the journalist. “It was important to have a gynecologist, teacher, nice, caring to respond to my questions.

” “READ ALSO – Chlamydia, an STI silent which can make women sterile, de-stigmatize STIS taboueAvec more than 250,000 people affected in France each year, chlamydia is the STI most prevalent among young people.

A growing phenomenon for a few years. And this is not trivial because, although silent in the majority of cases, this infection can lead to serious fertility problems in women or during pregnancy. However, the information on these bacteria that will breed readily in the genital tract are struggling to circulate. “In the course of sex education, they tell you to protect yourself with a condom because of the risk of getting pregnant and diseases.

We talk about aids, but we never spoke to me chlamydia! I heard about it through the series and movies,” said a friend of Anouk in the podcast. “This is not shame, it is like the gastro ! Of course, this is not very glamorous but it is better to prevent his or her sexual partners. ” Anouk Perry, a journalist With “Who to me has spun the chlamydia?”, Anouk Perry manages to de-dramatize this IST still a taboo.

“Some people are afraid to get tested because it is stigmatized, while others are tested positive, but they keep it for themselves,” explains she. This is not shame, it is like the gastro! Of course, this is not very glamorous but it is better to warn his sexual partners”. This is precisely what Anouk decides to do so and it is there that the investigation is on the island of corsica. Because shortly before learning that she was positive for chlamydia, the young woman was involved in a “plan five”.

Would that be the one or one of his partners that he would have transmitted the infection? Patiently, the journalist send a reply either each of the protagonists to learn more. The opportunity to address other topics such as the polyamour or the transidentité through the portrait of Isaac, a person born female who has chosen to become a man. “This is not the heart of the podcast, but talking about it makes it visible, showing that it is neither negative, nor shocking,” she says.

By engaging unapologetic about his sexuality, the journalist gives us to reflect on ours.

. “I’m not bashful. The message of the podcast is to say that it is not shameful to have chlamydia, so why would I be ashamed of telling this?” she smiled. To become an expert on chlamydia (because no, this does not happen to others) and to find the end of the story, listen to the investigation of Anouk Perry! .

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