A good sleep

A good sleep is a precious ‘analgesic natural’

Sleep is an “analgesic natural” which could help you a lot during hospital stays, for example after a surgical intervention: in fact, when you sleep badly increases the sensitivity to pain in the day after the terrible nights and decrease the ‘pain killers’ natural products from the brain

This was revealed in a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience by the experts of the University of California, Berkeley.

When you pain, you sleep badly, but now experts have discovered that the pain and disturbed sleep create a vicious circle, because when you sleep badly the sensitivity to pain increases. Experts have first conducted an experiment with 25 healthy individuals: after a night of sleep, researchers have measured the threshold of endurance of the pain with stimuli of hot applied on their legs.

Then they asked them to sleep a little the next night and the day to follow have again applied to the painful stimuli. The volunteers had a pain threshold lower (felt pain at lower temperatures than when they had slept well).

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  1. Paige JirsaFebruary 13, 2019

    Cool article! Sleep is so important for a healthy mental and physical body. It is amazing the repair your body can do while you sleep. Thanks for sharing!!


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