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Law Gelli, a lack of guidelines and policies increased

The health professionals expected, with the law Gelli-2017 on professional responsibility, to be remitted by an inflation of the complaints of ‘malpractice’, especially in the litigation instituted from the patients who claimed to have suffered damage

But it happened exactly the opposite. Are increased. The litmus test to say that something is not right, for professionals, is also given by the fact that the insurance companies have increased premiums, index of an increased risk. Orthopedic surgeons, for example, can get today to pay many tens of thousands of euro year of the policy. The highlights Valter Santilli, professor of physical Medicine and rehabilitation at the Sapienza university of Rome and a physiatrist at the Policlinico Umberto I.

. The law White – Gelli, is the subject of a chapter of a new volume, “Guidelines, best practices and scientific evidence in physical medicine and rehabilitation” and the professor spoke of the theme in Rome today, in the circle of the magistrates Court of Auditors . . In the book it specifies that the application of the law, there has been a dramatic increase in the conflict between doctors and health care facilities. According to estimates in 2016, the overall percentage of doctors involved in court proceedings, both civil and criminal, with respect to the total number of insured persons has been declining in percentage terms, but in 2017, the claims are open, and that may involve more than one professional for the same adverse event, has increased from 2016 to 60%. “The law provides that in order to be relieved from a possible malpractice relied on by the patient, the doctor must have followed the guidelines – explains Santilli – that must be credited to the Iss, but by two years, in the face of thousands of diseases, they were filed only 4. . Only for this trivial reason the law is unenforceable, because if a judge wants to draw a guide line, for example on the heart attack not find any”.

The specialist also explains to you made available to 46-47 best practices,pending accreditation from the Iss. . .

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