Synesthesia, a characteristic

Synesthesia, a characteristic neurological known since several centuries

Texts of the Ancient Persian had already reported correspondences between the sound and the colours, but it is at the beginning of the Nineteenth century that the synesthesias are gaining some visibility. Dr

. Sachs, in 1812, was the first to publish a study on the case of two albino (himself and his sister) for the music and some of the sequences suggested colors. . The case of Dr. . Sachs has launched the first researchers on the track of the visual impairment, since abandoned: his albinism is responsible for this visual behavior considered aberrant. At the end of the Nineteenth century, while romanticism promotes the esoteric, even as many assumptions on the functioning of the brain emerge, the synesthesias appear as an explanation for many phenomena such as the “auras” psychics.

Some synesthètes associate colors to the people around them but sometimes also to the emotions that they project.

Science sheds light on little by little from its logic the darkness of the human spirit, even if, in this case, the light is still a little pale.

Some synesthètes associate colors with people around them but sometimes also to the emotions they are planning If it is difficult to “show” to a non-synesthète feeling synesthètes, it is possible to explain how this phenomenon is not so distant from the functioning of the majority. When asked, most people will associate a high tone to the feeling of “small” and a deep sound to the feeling of “great.

” From the point of view of evolution, this association is based without doubt on the fact that objects, persons, animals of small size actually produce the sounds. It is not surprising that, to learn if it is necessary to be wary of a bear or a mouse that grows a cry behind him, the man has acquired the ability to establish a link between these two experiences before they could even return! Similarly, it is common to be deceived by the smell of a wine loaded with aromas of ripe fruits, and of the believe sweet even though it is not because each time that it was biting into a ripe fruit, it was sweet.

The neurological circuits that establish these associations are related to learning and memory, as well as to the circuits of the emotional.

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