Association between letters

Association between letters and colors: how to explain the phenomenon of synesthesia?

The synesthètes are in general “for as long as they remember”: the associations appear at younger age and are part of their landscape wow since early childhood, without interruption

They are called developmental. Some synesthesias may be, on the contrary, acquired following a brain injury or in certain diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, damage of the optic nerve or temporal lobe epilepsy. The synesthesias may just be intermittent. Migraines are sometimes accompanied by phenomena synesthetic that disappear when the crisis ends. Similarly, the taking of certain drugs, in particular LSD and mescaline, often causes associations synesthetic disappear when the “trip” ends.

” READ ALSO – The loss of sense of smell, a rare condition and overlooked a Better understanding of the cerveauComme often in neurology, these cases provide a unique prospect to understand how neural circuits work normally by observing them when they no longer work. These synesthesias transitional support the thesis of a lack of inhibition of connections between certain areas of the brain rather than the formation of additional connections and specific structures, which are difficult to design on the short duration of the psychoactive drugs. Some blind people explained as well as they perceive sounds in color. It is interesting to note that this ability can also be triggered with a blindfold on the eyes of a sighted person: the loss of sight leads to the formation of new associations neurological to give new meaning to his environment and to compensate for that which has been lost. It is possible that, for people with high functioning autism, associations, synesthetic can be a strategy of operation is particularly effective. These synesthesias acquired are, paradoxically, all the more reason to think that the synesthesias developmental are perfectly normal and are the result of a strategy of cognitive apprenticeship just different from the majority.

Several teams are interested in the link between autism and synesthesia after having observed a high proportion of synesthètes in some groups of autistic.

The link was ultimately not able to be established but it is possible that, for people with high functioning autism, associations, synesthetic can be a strategy of operation is particularly effective.

The synesthètes can benefit through these associations, which provide an additional anchor, working memory capacities are exceptional. Conversely, these associations can complicate simple arithmetic when the numbers are aligned automatically in a space more complex than the simple ruler.

The obsessive, when they are associated with the synesthesias, can especially complicate life, especially for synesthètes level, the synesthesias are numerous and of great complexity. .

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