With tea and

With tea and coffee in pregnancy, the possible risk to the baby

The caffeine of tea and coffee in pregnancy may cause risk to the unborn child, for example, was associated with the risk is also double that of children born underweight and still small for their gestational age at birth

This was revealed by a research in Ireland, about 1,000 pregnant women and their babies and published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Conducted by Ling-Wei Chen, University College Dublin, the study reveals that for even lower consumption than currently recommended by the World Health Organization (intake of caffeine to 300 milligrams per day) there may be potential risks to the child. The study also points out that tea is often underestimated as a source of caffeine and pregnant women used to drink it should be aware of, especially if you opt for black tea, which has caffeine contents of the top of the other tea blends. The study, however, is not sufficient in itself to address the recommendations for pregnant women to a total abstention from sources of caffeine, the authors conclude the work. .

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