Waiting for a

Waiting for a stretcher, a woman with a strong pain on the ground in the emergency room

Waiting for a stretcher that had not yet arrived, a woman with severe back pain you are lying on the ground

It happened this morning at the hospital of Colleferro. The story has been told on social by the daughter of the lady, which he also posted on Facebook photos of the woman lying on some chairs and a video in which the latter is lying on the floor. The daughter reports, in a post of 6 in the morning, to be waiting two hours and having called the Police, he said, to no result. The video with the woman on the ground was posted around 8 in the morning, and it follows on Facebook, a minute later, a post was written “came the stretcher”. At 11. .20 the daughter refers, always on Facebook, thanks to the primary first aid in Colleferro the pain of the woman were relieving. The Asl Rome 5 he immediately opened an internal investigation. . .

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