The rare case

The rare case of a woman unable to hear the voices of men

She had gone to bed the night before with nausea and the annoying ringing in the ears

The morning after a chinese woman of 24 years of the city of Xiamen, which was revealed only by her surname, Chen, you woke up discovering that she could hear her boyfriend. From here the ride to the local hospital, the Qianpu Hospital, where doctors have attempted to understand these bizarre symptoms, since he could instead hear the voices of women.

Finally, the diagnosis of dr. Lin Xiaoqing, who was in charge of the case: hearing loss low frequency hearing loss or with a slope reverse, a disorder for which she could only hear the high frequencies.

It is believed that the condition is rare, affecting only one out of 13,000 patients with hearing problems, according to the statistics.

The story of the woman has been told by the british newspaper the Daily Mail, which cites local news. This condition is usually difficult to diagnose because both doctors and patients may not be aware of its existence. It can be caused by genetics, which means people may not be never been able to hear low-level sounds, like the hum of a refrigerator. According to the specialists who care for the woman it is possible that the stress has contributed to the development of the condition. The patient has, in fact, revealed to have worked recently up late and not sleeping enough The specialist ent specialist revealed that it is important to quickly deal with these symptoms and said he expected that mrs.

Chen is expected to recover fully.

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