The 5 golden

The 5 golden rules for the sauna

The sauna is a form of heat therapy passive that is very much used in Finland for the purpose of relaxation but is used in many other countries, including Italy

It has numerous health benefits: in a Finnish sauna the traditional-there is dry air with a relative humidity of 10-20%. The temperature varies from 80 to 100° C at the level of the head, but is much lower at the level of the floor (about 30° C), a condition that maintains efficient ventilation of the sauna, ensuring comfortable conditions. The duration depends on the comfort and temperature, but usually ranges from 10 to 45 minutes depending on the person. Who is eligible to practice, as she must prepare properly to the sauna? Here are 5 golden rules: 1. The stomach “light”. You should not enter the sauna or encumbered by a lavish lunch or fasting. The indication is to consume a snack consisting of easily digestible foods, like a yogurt or some fruit. Should not be neglected, even the hydration, they are great, for example, a hot herbal tea of linden or chamomile in the sauna will help to ‘pull out’ all the sweat. Is required, instead, to drink a lot after the sauna, to the exclusion of soft drinks/alcoholic drinks, but never during the stay in the cabin. . 2.

. Wet skin.

Is it correct to enter the sauna after having taken a shower and have been adequately dried. This move allows the body better prepared to receive the intense heat put out. Particular attention should be paid to the feet, if cold, before the sauna, take a hot bath.

. 3.

. Naked. This is the ideal condition to make the most of the benefits from the sauna.

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