Colorectal cancer: the Tumor on the track

As individual as a fingerprint: No Tumor is like any other. That affects the course, treatment and prognosis of colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer: the Tumor on the track-311Each year about 60,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with a new bowel cancer, he is so in the case of men, the third most common and in women the second most common cancer. His treatment will focus in the future on new findings about the individual structure of the tumors. Because these tumor characteristics from Patient to Patient vary considerably.

Bowel cancer is different for everyone

Meanwhile, it is known that colon cancer is a disease with very different faces. This individuality has a major influence on the course and prognosis of the cancer and therefore the treatment. Thus, an antibody therapy, for example, in the case of advanced non-hereditary colorectal cancer previously used to inhibit the growth of the tumor. In the meantime, you don’t know, however, that these acts in certain patients. Reason is a certain Mutation of the tumor. Therefore, those Concerned are now investigating this genetic change. So severe side effects of drugs do not remain a part saves, the help to them due to the Mutation. The same applies in the case of chemotherapy, the cancer to destroy the cells in the body, with a particular Tumor type is not required. Because it is constructed so that it is less dangerous metastases .

New Era of precision medicine

Further examples of the enormous importance of the individuality of colorectal cancer there is no lack … at present, the complete huge amount of Knowledge about it is obtained. The tumors can thus always better on the basis of their molecular structure, characterized and classified. This paves the way in a new Era of precision medicine: in the Future, every Patient will receive a tailor-made treatment – a personalized medicine, always depending on the molecular fingerprint of the tumor. So the chances are very good that colon cancer in the future even more successfully treated. Because there are already signs that this disease is always better to stand up to.

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