After eight years

After eight years of increases, the number of donor organs declined in 2018

For the first time in several years, the donation of organs has decreased by 5% in France in 2018, announced on Friday that the Agency of biomedicine

Last year, there has been 324 grafts less than in 2017, which is the first decline after eight years of strong growth. Other countries are experiencing the same trend.

Last year, 5781 transplants have been carried out in France all organs combined, compared to 6105 in 2017 and 5891 in 2016. Most of this reduction comes from the kidney grafts, which are also the most commonly practiced: there were 3546 last year (of which 537 thanks to a living donor) against 3782 2017 (611 thanks to a living donor). ” READ ALSO – The United States, the crisis of opioid benefits of organ donation To the origin, a decrease in deaths related to STROKE, “It is a very great success of the medicine, which leads to an availability of grafts less important” Pr Yves Pérel, deputy director general of the Agency According to the Agency of biomedicine – the body responsible for supervising the harvesting and transplants, this decrease would be primarily due to the decrease in the number of deaths related to cerebral vascular accidents, and therefore the number of organ donors.

In recent years, mortality due to stroke has decreased by 15%.

“It is a very great success of the medicine, which leads to an availability of grafts less important,” said professor Yves Pérel, deputy director general of the Agency. The majority of transplants, all organs combined, is carried out from donors in a state of brain death. However, if their number was 1796 in 2017, it is passed to 1743 in the past year.

“50 donors, it can lead to 200 grafts less”, as multiple organs may be collected from each donor, said professor Olivier Bastien, director of the levy to the Agency of biomedicine, at a press conference. The number of transplants from living donors for kidney transplants and liver, has also decreased, from 626 to 551. In addition to kidney transplants, there has been the last year 1323 liver transplants (including 14 thanks to a living donor, who donates part of the body), 450 of heart, 372 of lungs, 78 pancreas, 9 heart-lung, and 3 of the intestines. ” READ ALSO – Give a kidney, how is it going? The French are more and more favourable to the donation of organesTrois the principles enshrined in the law governing organ donation: the presumed consent (everyone is a potential donor, unless he / she has expressed his / her refusal of his lifetime), the gratuitousness of the gift and his / her anonymity (except for donations between living persons, which can only take place between close relatives). “The decline in activity is not related to the strengthening of the presumed consent in 2017”, according to the Agency. This change, which has facilitated the opposition of the people to donate their organs, led to concern about a decline in donations.

From January 2017, it is sufficient to register by internet on the national register of refusal, whereas before, the opposition was only by post.

“The opposition of the population to donate organs has not increased since the act. On the contrary, the rate of refusal expressed a declining trend (33 % in 2016, 30.5% in 2017 and 30 % in 2018)”, the Agency said. . .

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