Stay away from the digestion liquor!

A digestive liquor is for many the good meal, especially on holidays. From a medical point of view, we should better abandon it.

Stay away from the digestion liquor!-335

And now a Shot to the digestion. After all the delicious Feasting that is now just Right … it’s not, which is why gastroenterologists advise against it. As a digestive liquor causes the opposite of what we expect of him.

Digestive liquor is a hindrance

Instead of promoting digestion, slowing down the alcohol instead. This is true for spirits as well as wine and beer. Because alcoholic beverages are to ensure that the stomach empties more slowly. The reason for this – the current adoption of the medicine, it is likely that alcohol blocks the nerves in the digestive tract, which control peristalsis and encourage. In the case of the peristaltic is fine-tuned muscle movements, the chyme from the esophagus to the Terminus of our digestive locks. This slows down, it is, among other things, to constipation and bloating. Especially of the latter, the digestion should liquor we rid … Any how always positive perceived effect according to whose pleasure is merely based on a Placebo effect, as us gastroenterologists enlighten.

“…a thousand steps”

An old proverb says: “After you eat, you shalt run, or a thousand steps”. You decide the steps. For a walk after dinner is the best method to all of the many food as soon as possible to transport and, thus, to digest. When walking comes, the abdominal wall into motion. This, in turn, stimulates the pacemaker cells in the stomach, the peristalsis legs.

In addition to the digestive walk and an Aperitif can support food digestion. However, not everyone from the rich. Are recommended port wine, Prosecco, and especially Sherry. Because of this alcoholic drinks contain bitter substances. You crank known to be the production of stomach acid and the digestive activities. The effect is not due to the alcohol, but on the bitter substances. With regard to, you can also treat yourself to an Espresso. In the plug also.

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