Of domestic accidents

Of domestic accidents in the menu of the wake up

Finishing 2018 with a wound of the hand, eyes or a poisoning, one can dream of a better place as new year’s eve! There are more than eleven million domestic accidents over the year (4.5 million with recourse to hospital emergency departments and 20,000 deaths), including during the holiday season

In question: the race to the final preparations in defiance of the rules of common sense, the meeting in one place of many people and the intake of foods that are festive, unusual. “To limit the risks, I advise to take your time and use the right equipment : a special glove for the hand holding the oyster and knife dedicated” Dr. . Thierry Dreano, orthopedic surgeon, Oysters and champagne are often of the party. However, they are both involved in domestic accidents are often severe. “Open the oysters at the last moment, after the aperitif and without caution no (with an old knife and a towel), dancing with a drink in hand or catch a flat glass in height, the risk of falling with and cut are the three situations at the origin of the largest number of accidents of the hand in these times of holidays,” confirms Dr.

. Thierry Dreano, orthopaedic surgeon (SOS Hand, university hospital of Rennes). “To limit the risks, I advise to take your time and use the right equipment: a special glove for the hand holding the oyster and knife dedicated. Failing that, there is a real risk of wound palmar of the hand that is holding the oyster with, sometimes, a tendon, or a nerve cut. It is even worse when it comes to broken glass or a knife caught in flight by the blade, because the cuts can be deep and wide. “” READ ALSO – shall we Eat oysters in five years? Regardless of the origin of a wound of the hand, it bleeds a lot at the beginning, but if, in addition, it is no longer possible to bend one or more fingers or if there was any sensation at the level of the pulp, even if the finger is completely white (signs of severity), it is necessary to see a doctor without delay.

“And it is not a question of taking a little “up” before you go, because alcohol can interfere with the anaesthetic,” recalls Dr.

. Dreano. “In the case of wound-complex (flexor tendons or aisles sectioned), this is one of the centres, SOS Hands, who takes over with a view to surgical intervention, gladly scheduled the next morning. Even if the operation goes well, for example after repair of a wound of a flexor tendon, it takes six weeks of rehabilitation after, and even three months off of work for a manual worker.

In the absence of signs of severity, it is advisable to rinse the wound with tap water, put an antiseptic, colorless and without alcohol, and then a bandage and consult still a doctor the next day to ensure that it is, indeed, a wound to be benign. Do nothing, do not consult and let it hang around, it is taking the risk of a complication. ” In regards to the person who opens a bottle of champagne, she must stop to “shoot” its guests (especially their face), do not shake the bottle before opening and remove the plug, as soon as the metal part removed. “The champagne corks in the eye are the leading cause of blindness traumatic origin,” insists Dr. . Lawrence Benzacken, head of the department of ophthalmology at hospital Robert Ballanger (Aulnay-sous-Bois). “Flying at a top speed of 40 km/hour, a cap can create lesions, both external and internal.

They are not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but can compromise vision future: they range from the simple erosion of the cornea for oedema, retinal, or even to the bursting of the eyeball.

The only good reflex to have when this occurs is to keep the eye closed to protect it if possible with a compress (without pressing it), keep fasting or do not eat or drink more of it – in the event of an emergency procedure, do not take anti-inflammatory which may aggravate bleeding and see an eye doctor pronto.

” Attention to symptoms delayed: it happens to feel nothing at the time, but in the following days, no longer endure the light or to see trouble or be embarrassed. Again, an ophthalmologic examination in the emergency is essential to identify the lesions and take the necessary measures: medication, operation and/or close surveillance. What to avoid in a second time of a cataract or a retinal detachment.

Finally, even if it is exceptional, a champagne cork launched at high speed can cause death. This is what happened to a millionaire chinese who was celebrating his birthday. Dingxiang Loeng, received the cap at one of his temples, causing hemorrhage, coma, and death.

” READ ALSO – The eye injuries are often more serious than we think, YOUNG CHILDREN, the FIRST VICTIMS are Less well monitored when there is a crowd (each thinking that the other is in charge), the 0-4 years old are at risk. “In the presence of toddlers, train station to the unpacking of the gift: the plastics should be quickly discarded in order to avoid being put on the head (risk of suffocation).

The games for the greatest should be avoided (risk of swallowing small parts) and the batteries are to remain out of reach. Those which are flat in shape, rounded, large enough, would be the most dangerous because they can get stuck in the esophagus where they are going to create serious injury or even perforation, once swallowed. At the slightest suspicion, it is, therefore, asked the parents to go to the er for a chest x-ray of the child and if the battery is indeed stuck, it will be removed by endoscopy,” warns Dr Jean-Marc Sapori, hospital practitioner (poison control Center, university hospital of Lyon).

” READ ALSO – Toys and cars on top of dangerous products in Europe Sometimes still, the problem is not toys, but decorations: “We receive calls from parents concerned because their child has “tasted” the fake snow, suçoté garlands or eaten of the berries of holly or mistletoe set decoration on the log or in the fir.

In regard to the artificial snow and the wreaths, the amounts consumed are generally small, and simple monitoring is required. However, if the spray issuing the fake snow was put in the mouth, a risk of local irritation, or swelling of the throat exists, and the Uas must be called in the event of respiratory discomfort. Swallowed, the mini-decorations of the christmas tree styrofoam cause, especially constipation. And taking one or two berries of holly or mistletoe can eventually cause nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain,” says Dr. . Magali Oliva-Labadie, head of the poison control Centre of the CHU de Bordeaux. “It is thus necessary to monitor and re-hydrate. ” However, “beyond a ten bays, more severe problems, neurological (somnolence, convulsions) and cardiovascular may occur: the onset of these disorders justifies then the call to the 15”, insists Dr.

. Sapori.

Ethyl Coma also be Careful with the glasses of alcohol left on the table, and that the children may drink it “to make as great”. An ethyl coma can occur rapidly and this is why at the first signs of intoxication, hospitalization is required for close surveillance. “It is even worse with drugs. This type of accident is on the increase and not just during the holidays,” notes Dr.

. Oliva-Labadie.

“It must lead to an appeal to the 15 without delay. ” Swallow a chocolate with its aluminum package, however, is not without risk. Overall, “the eight anti-poison centres the French are there to assess the degree of severity of any exposure to a potentially toxic product and give a code of behaviour”, said Dr Sapori. Must be called before running to the emergency room who are already well-engorged, as well as often the home monitoring is sufficient.

” READ ALSO – Alcohol: what limits the body can bear it? “IT TOOK Me WEEKS TO re-EDUCATE ME!” Leo Spathas, 38-year-old paramedic in the region of Saint-Malo, has almost lost a finger of his left hand. . It tells the story. “We were family and we were all set to enjoy oysters.

This is not the first time that I opened up, but taken by the discussion, I neglected to protect my hand. Although equipped with an oyster knife in perfect condition, I ripé on one of them and the knife came up to sink deeply enough into the palm of my left hand.

At the time, I was very poorly and it kind of bled.

But as the knife is fairly sharp, the wound seemed to me to be finally small, so that I contented myself to disinfect. I continued to do the same the following days, without too much worry, the pain will be minimal (so I thought a simple hematoma). But after a few days, one morning, I woke up with a violent pain at the level of a finger: it was very swollen and could not bend. “I am aware I have escaped the worst, as the phlegmon would have been able to cause a generalized infection is very serious,” Leo Spathas As I had a sick to take her to the university hospital of Rennes, I normally do my running, but once there, I asked to see the orthopedic emergency. It has caused me to have an ultrasound immediately to see if small pieces of oyster shells had been able to slip into the wound and the presence of a phlegmon (abscess) of the envelope of a tendon, he operated on me in stride. The surgery, performed under loco-regional anaesthesia, helped to clean up the infection in-depth. I also had a week of hospitalization with the infusion of antibiotics and the surgeon explained to me that it was of little to that it is necessary for me to amputate the finger touched. Back home, I continued to do exercises prescribed by the physical therapist for several weeks and today, fortunately, my left hand has fully recovered, but this has been a long one. I am aware I have escaped the worst, as the phlegmon would have been able to cause a generalized infection is very severe (sepsis). I swore, never ever wait to seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon, if one day I speared it again with the shellfish. I am still a great fan of the oysters of brittany, but now, an amateur cautious!”APPEAL to THE common SENSE, The oysters will keep in the fridge and not on a window because if they freeze, they will not retract with the opening and it will be difficult to know if they are consumables.

For those who are on the edge of the sea, the shells do not pick up in corners polluted. The mayonnaise and the custard house are preparing on the same day and do not leave the refrigerator, not more than the dishes, caterers, meats, etc, home-canned foods, swelled or who do “pschitt” at the opening to join the trash (risk of botulism is potentially deadly). No fungus that would have been picked up in September and then frozen in any doubt about its identification, because the freezing does not make it less toxic,” said Dr. . Jean-Marc Sapori (Centre antipoison, CHU Lyon).

“Attention also to the coloquintes decorative falsely presented to the radius of a vegetable: they are not edible and can cause bloody diarrhea, or worse.

Fortunately, their bitterness alert more often on time,” insists Dr. . Magali Oliva-Labadie (poison control Center of the CHU de Bordeaux). . .

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