The stomach influences the gut microbiome

The role of the stomach for the digestive tract raises questions. Now, researchers discovered that he is in control of the intestinal microbiome.

The stomach influences the gut microbiome-954

The composition of the microorganisms in the stomach varies greatly. Through their impact on the gut you could speculate so far. A research team from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany and the Medical University of Graz, has now brought light into the darkness of the bacteria*.

It was clear that the stomach within the digestive tract exerts an important control function on the Passage of certain bacteria in the intestines.

The clues lead to the intestinal microbiome

A surgical stomach reduction for obesity, with positive properties, with a reduction of the stomach volume alone. Thus, an effect that is more likely to be associated with processes in the intestine than in the stomach in combination can reduce insulin resistance. Similar questions about the influence of the stomach on the intestines to throw out observations to side effect of proton pump inhibitors. Who you over a long period of time it occupies, has an increased risk after antibiotic intake diarrhea to get. “Both of these are indications that events in the stomach changes in the gut microbiome to” Prof. Dr. Florian Fricke, head of the Department of Microbiome and Applied bioinformatics at the University of Hohenheim. “May the stomach more possibilities to influence the gut-associated problems than previously thought. In a positive or in a negative sense.“

*Fricke W. F. et al. 2018: Qualitative and quantitative DNA – and RNA-based analysis of the bacterial stomach microbiota in humans, mice and gerbil. mSystems

Source: University Of Hohenheim

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