In the world

In the world 1.35 million deaths from road traffic accidents

In the world road accidents are 1.35 million deaths per year, and have now become the first cause of death among 5 to 29 years

It says the annual report of the Who today published, according to which the more at risk they are riders and passengers of motorcycles. The mortality rate for road traffic accidents, law in the document, is three times higher in low-income countries. . In Africa is 26. .6 of every 100 thousand inhabitants, while in Europe it has a 9. .9 each 100 thousand.

The european region, together with America and the Western Pacific, is among those in which the figure is decreasing.

With regard to the typology of victims, 26% are pedestrians or cyclists, while 28% of drivers or passengers of two-wheeled vehicles to the motor. Italy in the document figure among the countries with fewer deaths on the roads of 5.

.5 for each 100 thousand inhabitants, the same as that of France, and, in general, the policies on the topic are promoted, even if the card relative to the our country suffers from a low percentage of children who adopt the safety systems, 38%, and also the people that use the belts, 62% in the front seats and just 15% in the rear ones. “The deaths on the road are a price unacceptable to the mobility – says the director-general of Who Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus -. . There are no excuses for inaction, this is a problem with proven solutions”. . .

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