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Censis, in the face of public Health the italians feel just

In the relationship between the italians and the public health Service are the three variables that weigh: the offer of the territory, the socio-economic status and the age of the people

It speaks the 52mo Report of Censis on the social situation of the Country. “The difficult access to health generates additional costs and a growing sense of inequality and injustice. Grows so the belief that each one should think to itself,” reads the analysis. More than half of the citizens (54,7%) believes that in Italy the people have not the same opportunity for diagnosis and treatment. Does he think that the 58.3% of the residents in the North-East, or 53. .9% in the South, 54. .1% in the Centre and the 53,3% in the North-West.

Even there are more than 39 percentage points difference in rates of satisfaction between the South and the islands and the North-East, which records the highest level of satisfaction among the macro-areas of the territory. Emblematic are the data on the degree of satisfaction with respect to health Service in your Region: the national average of 62,3% (ranging between 77% in the North-West, to 79. .4% in the North-East, 61.

.8% in the Centre and 40.

.6% in the South and in the islands. The Report shows how it is more and more widespread, the principle of self-regulation of health. . Of the 49. .4 million people suffering from minor ailments, 73,4% said that he believes that it is possible to take care of yourself.

. 56. .5% believe that it is possible to heal itself because each person knows their small problems and the appropriate responses, 16. .9% because it is the fastest way.

Despite the growth of the web, the main information channels of the italians remain the doctor of general medicine (53,5%), pharmacists (32. .2%) and medical specialists (17. .7 percent). ..

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