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App for smartphone diagnostics the anemia from the photo of the fingers

A smartphone app can diagnose anemia, and more in general to keep under control the levels of hemoglobin, only through a photo of the hand

To develop the algorithm, which exploits the color of the skin under the nail, were the researchers of the Georgia Institute of Technology, described in Nature.

The idea of the app, says the Mit magazine, is coming to a patient with chronic anemia to a genetic disease from the child, who is now a student of the institute. For ‘teaching’ the algorithm to recognize people with anaemia were recruited 100 people with anemia.

The app was then tested on 337 people, of whom 72 were healthy, and was able to find in the anemic patients in a percentage higher than that of a doctor who is based on the objective examination of the patient, even if it is less than that of the blood test.

It is, however, a method of comparable effectiveness to that of many diagnostic tools approved by the Fda, note the authors. “Given the high prevalence of anaemia in the world, which affects two billion people – conclude – this tool has important implications for the control of haemoglobin both for the populations at risk and for the general”. .

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