The sardinian dance

The sardinian dance to fight Parkinson’s

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 27 NOV – The Parkinson’s you can’t beat ancheballando

Not only the rehabilitation and the drugs, those are the basee always serve.

But three consecutive months of “Ballu tundu” sonocapaci to improve balance, functional mobility, lacapacit√† of the year and the quality of life of the patients.

Epossono be considered to all effects one of the scelteriabilitativo motor.

A therapy that comes from the tradition,does well, and improves the general framework. The miglioramentiriguardano also the length of the pitch and the strength of the artiinferiori together.

But the dance, and the traditional sardinian particularly, helps to knock out even the depression, the apatiae cognitive disorders. This is what emerges from the scientific study “the Sardinian FolkDance for Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease: A RandomizedControlled Pilot Trial”, designed and made by a equipeintegrata of the Department of Medical Sciences and Health Pubblicadell’the University of Cagliari. The principal authors of the ricercasono Lucia Cugusi and Paolo Solla. The work was conducted suventi patients sardi of both sexes, with a diagnosis dimalattia of Parkinson’s by about 5 years, and has had a duratacomplessiva almost two years. The team, coordinated dalprofessor Giuseppe Mercuro, has seen the collaborazionedell’Operative Unit of Neurology of the Aou diCagliari, directed by professor Giovanni Defazio, deibioingegneri of the University of Cagliari (Danilo Pani) eSassari (Andrea Cereatti), of the expert and teacher of dance sardoEmanuele Garau and association Team Kayak Sardegna. Lostudio, funded by the Foundation of Sardinia, is in a phase of desktop-publishing in the scientific journal american Journal ofAlternative and Complementary Medicine”, and more outcomes dellaricerca will find space in the next congress internazionalidi sector.(ANSA). . .

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