Male condoms soon

Male condoms soon be reimbursed on a medical prescription

Male condoms will soon be reimbursed on order to strengthen the fight against sexually transmitted infections (STIS), announced Tuesday the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn on France Inter, in the four days of the world day of fight against aids

Some of his predecessors had tried to make the condom more accessible, in the image of Xavier Bertrand and his condom 20 euro cents in 2006, but this is the first time that repayment is to be decided in France. This is supported by the sickness Insurance, which shall enter into force on December 10, 2018, will cover only the condoms of the brand EDEN, manufactured by the laboratory Majorelle.

Both men and women can buy them in a pharmacy on presentation of a prescription from a doctor or a midwife. The condoms will be reimbursed at the rate of 60% on the basis of a selling price amounting to 1.30 euros the box of 6, 2. .60 euros the box of 12 and 5,20 euros per box of 24.

. “We have very well negotiated the price”, welcomed the minister.

“We can now, when you are a young or when we present particular risks, or not, when one is a woman or when one is a man, and go to see his doctor and have condoms reimbursed on medical prescription,” explained the minister of Health. ” READ ALSO – sexually transmitted infections are exploding in France to Avoid cases of infection sexually transmissibleL’goal is to improve the access of youth to condoms.

“It’s a chance for some to access because having to buy a box of condom, it has a cost for the adolescents,” underlined Agnès Buzyn. This “prescription” of condoms can, in particular, through the prevention consultation free of charge, recently introduced for 15-17 years. This consultation is the opportunity for physicians to inform and educate teenagers on contraception and sexually transmitted infections. This announcement is taking place as the number of HIV infections is not decreasing.

“Today, we discover each year about 6,000 new cases, ( .

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), in particular among young people, around 800 to 1,000 new cases in people under 25 years of age, who often use condoms for their first sexual intercourse, but not in the following acts”, she stressed.

According to the laboratory Majorelle, the condom-refundable should allow “major savings in the coming years”, because of cases of STIS that will be avoided. At the present time, the cost of care of the STI amounted to € 2 billion each year, of which 1.

.6 for the only HIV (11,000 euros per year for an HIV-positive patient).

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