Babies awithout arm

Babies awithout arm : eleven suspected cases in Ain

Eleven additional cases of children born with a malformation of the upper limbs have been identified in the Ain between 2000 and 2014, according to hospital data, announced the Public Health agency of France on Tuesday

These eleven suspected cases are in addition to the seven cases reported by the registry Remera (Registry of congenital malformations in the Rhone-Alpes region), ” says François Bourdillon, director general of the health agency. The 8th case of a child born in 2012, reported Monday by the register, Remera, is one of the 11 new suspected cases that have yet to be validated.

Thus on the basis of hospital data PMSI, in the Ain department, the health agency has identified between 2000 and 2008, seven suspect cases, and between 2009 and 2014, four suspects, including a priori the case reported by Remera. This brings the total to 18 cases. Further investigations are underway, added the agency, which notes that “the realization of retrospective surveys, several years after the birth, to be complex”. New enquêteDans a critique of the registry Remera, the agency reiterates the”importance of having a registry reliable, rigorous, scientific, and asset-backed teams university hospital and the european system of surveillance Eurocat”. The scientific responsible of Remera, Emmanuelle Amar, had confirmed on Tuesday the existence of an 8th case was revealed by the daily le Monde, explaining that a combination of circumstances, unfortunate”, i.e. a defect of electronic medical records in the maternity hospital where was born the boy in 2012 explained that he has escaped to the registry.

Asked Tuesday morning on the eighth case, the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, said that this information was “not rise” up to it.

. “I raised an inquiry with the two agencies, public Health, France and the Anses. The idea is to go back to see all the case,” continued the minister. . .

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