Irony and sense

Irony and sense of humor are good for the relationship

A pinch of irony and a sense of humor is good for the relationship

If the partners share laughter or accept to be teased good-naturedly to the same extent, tend to be more satisfied with their relationships. It detects a search of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, published in the Journal of Research in Personality. Laughter plays an important role, but one that can make all the difference according to scientists, is to accept that the irony is directed towards oneself: some people fear this attitude, because they see it tied to derision, others like to be the center of attention and cause intentionally situations that make others laugh.

For the study interviews were conducted online, which were 154 heterosexual couples.

Participants responded separately to questions about their relationships and researchers have also investigated the way in which ran the laughter also investigating on their liking for moments of fun in company.

The responses for each pair in a later stage were put in the report, and found that among the partners there was in many cases a certain harmony and when this happened the reports were more satisfied, even from the point of view of the sexual relationship. In particular, it emerged that fear of being taken for a ride (with a specific term gelotofobia), instead, had a negative impact on the couple’s relationship, leading to a lower general satisfaction. (ANSA). . .

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