Fatty liver disease – unknown disease

Fat liver? Yes, the most common liver disease in the Western world. Your role as a cause of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer increases dramatically.

Fatty liver disease – unknown disease-3

That alcohol, the liver harm, know the most. But that also between the fat and liver health are closely related, is known only by a few. “Many patients are surprised that Obesity and high fat levels in the blood have a negative effect on the liver,” Prof. Dr. Axel Holstege, an expert in liver disease and member of the Board of the Gastro-League. Not in vain, about 30 percent of the population in Germany suffer from non-alcohol-related Form of fatty liver.

How a fatty liver

In the case of fatty liver disease, fat accumulates within the liver cells. This process is not connected to the Affected first, usually with complaints. The deposits can interfere with the function of the liver. The body tries to usually, these loss of function due to enlargement of the liver to compensate. Add to that the fat deposits will favour the development of inflammation in the liver. This can lead over the years to an increasing scarring of the liver (liver fibrosis). In the advanced stage, it is possible that the liver can no longer meet due to the damage of their duties in relation to the detoxification of the body completely. One then speaks of a liver cirrhosis (shrinking of the liver). At the same time, the risk for liver cancer increases in case of fatty liver disease, which may develop irrespective of the Presence of cirrhosis of the liver, in particular, in the case of a fatty liver with inflammation.

The most common causes

Important risk factors for the development of a fatty liver are Overweight (especially in the case of high fat accumulations in the belly area), and elevated blood lipids. People with type-2 Diabetes develop more frequently in fatty liver than people without Diabetes. Also certain drugs and therapies (such as chemotherapy) can lead to the emergence of a fatty liver. In addition, it can also be a regular and excessive consumption of alcohol to a fatty degeneration of the liver . The disease picture of the alcoholic fatty liver is very similar to non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases. It takes but a more rapid and more severe course.

Treatment of fatty liver

Currently no medications that can specifically be used for the treatment of fatty liver diseases, are recommended to in spite of worldwide intensive research. The therapy usually focuses on the need to fight the causes of fatty liver. Thus, for example, the reduction of excess weight to a regression of fatty deposits in the liver. Experts advise to a slow, but steady weight reduction through a change of diet on, for example, a Mediterranean diet, and a reduction in calorie intake and regular physical activity. “I recommend to my patients is usually a weight reduction of one to two kilograms per month to strive for”, says. Prof. Holstege. “For many, a more easily achievable goal, and the weight reduction also lasts often longer than in the case of radical diets or other extreme measures.” At the same time should be Concerned, alcohol only in moderation or not use one at all. In people with Diabetes good control of blood glucose levels is of great importance.

Do you have questions about fatty liver? Then you call. The experts of the Gastro-Liga e. V. is happy to give you an answer. On 7. November and 5. December 2018 (each Wednesday) from 18 to 20 at the Gastro office hours, under Tel.: 0641 – 9 74 to reach 81 20 . More Infos find you under www.gastro-liga.de.

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