Better to be

Better to be pear apple, more trouble with the fat in the abdomen

Better to have a body, and the fat that accumulates on the hips, and that gives a pear-shaped (typical of women) rather than the fat that accumulates on the abdomen, with a classic form of apple (typical of men)

Apparently, it is therefore healthier to be a pear an apple.

And this is the result of a discovery by researchers of the University of California, Riverside have identified as only male mice have had cases of neuroinflammation (i.e. an inflammatory process that touches the brain), after being fed a high-fat diet. In addition to this, these males had a low level of testosterone, and a reduction in the number of sperm. Scholars have noted that those with increased abdominal fat (which is more typical in males than in females) may have a greater risk of inflammatory problems.

But why this discrimination? The answer would be in the fact that women are able to develop a greater protection because of the pregnancy, which already exposes you to a change the natural of the body. The work has been published in Frontiers in Immunology. . .

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