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Elderly spouses, the same heart operation in contemporary

Two elderly spouses of Conegliano (Treviso) were hospitalized on the same day at the hospital Ca’ Foncello of Treviso, with an identical pathology, and subjected to the same cardiac surgery, almost at the same time and with the course at all similar

United states in health and disease, the two are still in-patients in the department, directed by Giuseppe Minniti, where they share the same room, two beds are next to the transfer at the Hospital riabilitativo Motta di Livenza (Treviso).

Last July, the couple, 81 and 79 years old, was addressed to the department of the treviso area of cardiac surgery for some ailments.

“Oddly enough – says Minniti – were affected by the same pathology, prolapse of the mitral with regurgitation is severe, almost equal to clinical relevance.

Required so to be subjected to the same intervention for the repair of the mitral valve, and in the same time”.

The original occasion has required to arrange for all supporting the torque balance of the two elders, and fostering the family, called to a double support. .


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