The write-off of

The write-off of Henri Joyeux, the spearhead of the anti-vaccine, is cancelled

The cancellation of the controversial Pr Henri Joyeux for petitions to be anti-vaccines was reversed on appeal, announced on Tuesday that the chamber’s disciplinary national Order of doctors

This independent body of the national Council of the Order has considered that the expulsion in the first instance on July 8, 2016 was “not sufficiently motivated”. According to him, the words of the Pr Merry-vaccination “does not outweigh the principle of freedom of expression”. In the first instance, a professor of oncology at the retreat had been canceled by the chamber’s disciplinary Languedoc-Roussillon. Question: two petitions launched on the internet in September 2014 and may 2015 by this element is very active in the anti-vaccine in France. The first petition was against the recommendation of the higher council of public health advocating to reduce from 11 to 9 years of age the vaccination against the human papillomavirus (hpv) for girls.

The second was denouncing the shortage of the vaccine (DTPolio trivalent (that is to say, protecting against three diseases, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio) – the only mandatory before January 1, 2018 – for the benefit of a hexavalent vaccine (to protect against six diseases) that it deemed “more costly” ( .. .. ) “, requiring families three vaccinations non-compulsory”. Moreover, Henri Joyeux pointed to the presence of aluminum as an adjuvant in the vaccine, believing that it represented a threat, that no study has demonstrated.

” READ ALSO – Six false beliefs around immunization Of arguments which are not scientifiquesLe Council of the order, at the initiative of the complaint, reiterated that “the arguments of the Pr Happy about the side effects of vaccinations do not exhibit the rigor of the scientific theses expected regardless of the issues discussed and that the petitions he has launched have had the effect of creating a negative sentiment about the usefulness of vaccinations”, missing more of the obligations listed in the code of public health.

A notice that does not share the chamber’s disciplinary national who cancelled the cancellation. This last considers on the contrary that “the call launched by the Pr, the Joyful and the arguments that he developed not infringed not medical ethics, in particular the obligations to exercise probity and prudence and to have the concern of the impact of his words to the public”.

According to it, the first petition is part of “the freedom granted to any individual in a democratic State to express his or her opinion on a matter which concerns him”. As regards the second petition, “the toxicity of the aluminum adjuvant and the dangerousness of the vaccine against hepatitis B covered for several years of controversy-fed”, does it souligné. De his side, Henri Joyful jubilant. “I’m not cancelled, I don’t blame. What does it mean? It means that I’m right!”, he declared to the AFP. On June 20, its page on Facebook which brings together over 145,000 people, the doctor organized an online exchange to share “all the arguments to resist and delay the 11 vaccines”. An initiative that should not appeal to the ministry of Health, which has made these vaccines mandatory for all children born on or after 1 January 2018 due to the decline in immunization coverage. . .

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