Syndrome of the

Syndrome of the dry eye, the incoming medication that triggers tears

A good news comes for those who suffer from the syndrome of the dry eye, commonly called dry eye

It is a neurosteroide, administered in an innovative way so as to activate the signaling neuron, without the need of the eye drops but through the application of the product in the form of gel on the frontal area of the face. The announce Sifi Italian leader in the development of therapeutic solutions to treat diseases of the eye, and Glia, Llc, a drug development company in Boston, which have agreed on a new collaboration for the european market. In a phase II study conducted in the United States, the therapy has been shown to reduce or eliminate a significant amount of dryness and the feeling of sand in the eyes. With the use of the new medication was observed in the production of secretion of the lacrimal within a few minutes in more than 95% of patients.

The dry eye syndrome is one of the most frequent causes of visit in the studios of the eye and afflicts more than 30 million people in the United States and at least 344 million people around the world. The syndrome is increasing, also among children and adolescents and the Who has recently defined one of the diseases most ignored and underrated of the modern age. It is in fact a multifactorial disease that affects the tear film and the ocular surface and results in symptoms of discomfort, visual disturbance and tear film instability, with potential damage to the ocular surface, accompanied by inflammation of the ocular surface. In addition, the activities related to the use of smartphones, tablets, and any type of digital device, if excessive and used at a very close distance to the eye, can significantly alter the production of the tear film. .

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